If you are going to take out a loan from a peer-to-peer lending company or invest in peer-to-peer loans, you should do a lot of research about the company before finalizing your decision. You should check the company’s legal standing, financial situation and how they’re rated by organizations like the Better Business Bureau. You should also read as many reviews about the company and its platform from individuals that make use of the service.

Prosper.com has been in business for five years now and there are plenty of reviews written by borrowers and lenders on the company’s peer-to-peer lending marketplace. I’ve compiled a list of Prosper.com reviews that I consider to be an accurate, unbiased and helpful. You can also read my own Prosper.com Review.

Prosper.com Reviews:

Finance Travels – This author shares his experiences about investing through Prosper.com. He was an early Prosper investor that put money into notes before Prosper took steps to limit who could take out a loan and before Prosper moved to its fixed interest rate model. He did not have a great experience.

Money Crashers – Mark Riddix of Money Crashers lays out how the borrowing and lending process works on Prosper

Moolamoney – Pinyo from Moolamoney started investing in Prosper at the end of 2007. He discussed his experiences in getting his account up and going and his initial lending experiences.

My Dollar Plan – This website does a good job of laying out the fees, terms and rates and requirements for borrowers that want to take out a loan on Prosper.

My Money Blog – This is a multi-part review that discusses the investment risks and fees involved in investing in Prosper.com.  The author has a bit of a negative take on Prosper, but does a good job of laying out all of the issues that lenders have to deal with on peer-to-peer lending sites.

Own the Dollar – Hank Coleman of Own the Dollar provides a good overview of how the lending process works in Prosper.com. He also shares his experiences in lending on both Lending Club and Prosper.

Personal Loan Portfolio – This is a one-year update from an investor that put a small amount of money into Prosper loans.

Prosper Lending Review – This website lays out the case why getting a loan from Prosper.com is a better deal than getting a loan from a bank.

The Smarter Wallet – Stacey Doyle of The Smarter Wallet provides a good overview of Prosper, Lending Club and Kiva, as well as the peer-to-peer lending industry as a whole.

Social Lending Network – Our friend Peter Renton did his own brief review, outlining his likes and dislikes of the service. He is an investor in both Prosper.com and Lending Club and has recently outlined his investment strategy.