Blackhawk Investments is opening the peer to peer lending space up to real estate
investors. Blackhawk Investments allows borrowers looking for real estate loans to
enlist on their platform and request a loan; upon qualifying they will be matched to
interested investors. Lenders can enroll on their platform, browse the loan request
and choose where to invest their money. Blackhawk Investment can complete this
process in a matter of days for borrowers and can help investors earn a return of 5-

Unlike Lending Club or, which offer unsecured consumer loans, real-
estate loans are secured by a piece of real estate. Real-estate borrowers, like many
others after the 2008 financial crisis, have had a hard time securing a loan from
traditional lending sources. These borrowers, who are traditionally held to a high
credit score, and W2 income documentation supported by years of tax returns by
traditional banks, are able to appeal to their peers through P2P lending. Blackhawk
Investment provides the meeting place for these transactions.


Since the beginning of the year the peer to peer lending space for real estate loans
has been changing the way borrowers get funded. The real estate sector of peer to
peer lending is relatively new, and has attracted few platforms to the party due to
regulatory, and tranactional complexities.

Blackhawk’s early marketing efforts and key relationships provides nearly a trillion
dollars of lending capacity and has it in a great position to sweep the real estate peer
to peer market.